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  • Bosnia-Herzegovina Radio Stations

    Related Link: Bosnia-Herzegovina TV Station
    Last checked and updated: 11/06/2024 - 15:11:30

    Radio station Location Listen Live Format/Comments
    Antena Sarajevo Sarajevo OFFLINE Top 40
    BH Radio 1 Sarajevo OFFLINE News/Information
    Big Radio 1 Banja Luka OFFLINE Pop/rock
    Big Radio 2 Banja Luka OFFLINE News/music
    Big Radio 3 Banja Luka OFFLINE Top 40
    BM Radio Zenica OFFLINE Local music/information
    Bobar Radio Bijeljina OFFLINE Music/information
    Hit Radio Brčko OFFLINE Pop/Rock/Folk
    Kalman Radio Sarajevo OFFLINE Folk
    Kupreški Radio Kupres OFFLINE Local service
    Nes Castra Banja Luka OFFLINE Alternative/Urban culture
    Nes Radio Banja Luka OFFLINE Music/Information
    Novi Radio Bihać OFFLINE Local service
    Radio 8 Sarajevo OFFLINE Pop/Rock/Local music
    Radio BA Sarajevo OFFLINE Bosnian Music
    Radio Bihać Bihać OFFLINE Local service
    Radio BN Bijeljina Listen Live Radio BN MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Folk music
    Radio Brcko Distrikt Brcko Listen Live Radio Brcko Distrikt MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Information/music
    Radio Busovača Busovača OFFLINE Pop/Rock/Folk
    Radio DAŠ Bijeljina OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Feral Kalesija OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Kakanj Kakanj OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Ključ Ključ OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Livno Livno OFFLINE Local service
    Radio M Sarajevo OFFLINE Pop/rock
    Radio Marija Sarajevo OFFLINE Catholic
    Radio Posušje Posušje OFFLINE Local service (Croatian)
    Radio Q Visoko OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Sarajevo Sarajevo Listen Live Radio Sarajevo MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Music/information
    Radio Slon Tuzla OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Stari Grad Sarajevo OFFLINE Full service
    Radio Tomislavgrad Tomislavgrad OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Vitez Vitez OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Vogošca Vogošca Listen Live Radio Vogošca MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Local service
    Radiopostaja Mir Medugorje Medugorje OFFLINE Christian
    Studentski eFM Radio Sarajevo OFFLINE Student radio
    Related Link: Bosnia-Herzegovina TV Station
    Last checked and updated: 11/06/2024 - 15:11:30

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