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  • Greece Radio Stations

    Related Link: Greece TV Station
    Last checked and updated: 11/06/2024 - 15:11:34

    Radio station Location Listen Live Format/Comments
    104,8 Sok FM Evia/Sterea Ellada, 104.8 MHz OFFLINE Greek Pop
    1055 Rock Thessaloniki OFFLINE Rock
    1413 AM 1431 Thessaloniki Listen Live 1413 AM 1431 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Free radio
    87,7 En Lefko Athens, 87.7 MHz OFFLINE Variety
    89 Rainbow Thessaloniki OFFLINE Rock
    90.2 Aristera sta FM Athens OFFLINE Leftist news/talk, music
    932 Happy Radio Athens OFFLINE Greek Top 40
    98 FM Athens OFFLINE Free radio
    Agios Spyridon FM Corfu, 91.1 MHz OFFLINE Religious
    Aktina FM 107,6 Athens Listen Live Aktina FM 107,6 MP3-mpeg 256 kbps Greek music
    Aktina Radio Korinthos Listen Live Aktina Radio MP3-mpeg 128 kbps International Hits/Dance
    Alpha 98.9 Athens OFFLINE News/Greek Music
    Antenna Kerkyra Corfu OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Arhagelos 94,1 Rhodes OFFLINE Greek Top 40
    Astro Radio 96,4 Rethymno Listen Live Astro Radio 96,4 MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Greek Top 40
    Athens Deejay 95.2 Athens OFFLINE Top 40
    Atlantis FM Athens, 105.2 MHz OFFLINE Greek rock/alternative
    Dalkas 88,2 Chalkida, 88.2 MHz OFFLINE Greek Laika
    DeeJayDance Athens OFFLINE Dance
    DeeJayNonStop Athens OFFLINE Top 40
    Derti 98.6 Athens Listen Live Derti 98.6 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Greek laika music
    Diesi 101.3 Athens OFFLINE Top 40
    Dimotiko Poligiroy 90,8 Poligiros OFFLINE Local service
    Diva FM Kozani Listen Live Diva FM MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Top 40/Dance
    Dromos 89,8 Athens, 89.8 MHz OFFLINE Greek pop
    Dytikos 103,7 Patras OFFLINE Pop/Rock
    Easy 97,2 Athens Listen Live Easy 97,2 MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Adult Contemporary
    Energy 88.6 Athens MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Top 40
    Eroticos FM Thessaloniki, 94.8 MHz OFFLINE Greek ballads
    ERT Open Athens Listen Live ERT Open MP3-mpeg 64 kbps News/Information/Music
    Flash 96 Athens OFFLINE News/Talk
    Galaxy 106,1 Patras, 106.1 MHz OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Galaxy FM Athens OFFLINE International soft pop
    Glenti FM Xanthi OFFLINE Greek Laika music
    Heart FM Thessaloniki OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Hydrogeios 106,9 Heraklion Listen Live Hydrogeios 106,9 MP3-mpeg
    Windows Media Audio
    128 kbps
    128 kbps
    Greek Top 40
    Ihorama FM 108 Athens OFFLINE Greek pop music
    Imagine 89.7 Thessaloniki OFFLINE Pop/rock
    Ionian FM Patra OFFLINE Greek pop music
    Island FM Zakynthos OFFLINE Pop (English Service)
    KastoriaFm 91,5 Kastoria Listen Live KastoriaFm 91,5 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Greek Laika music
    Kiss 95,8 Corfu OFFLINE Top 40
    Kiss FM 92,2 Patras OFFLINE Pop/Dance
    Kiss FM 92,9 Athens OFFLINE Top 40
    Kriti FM 100,3 Heraklion OFFLINE Music from Crete
    Kriti FM Athens Listen Live Kriti FM MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Music from Crete
    Kritikos 88,7 Heraklion OFFLINE Folk music
    Kyma FM Corfu Listen Live Kyma FM MP3-mpeg 32 kbps Greek Ballads
    Lampsi FM Athens OFFLINE Greek Top 40
    Legend FM Xanthi OFFLINE Rock
    Libero 107.4 Thessaloniki Listen Live Libero 107.4 MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Sports news
    Life Radio Kerkyra Listen Live Life Radio MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Top 40
    Live FM 89,6 Chalkida MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Top 40
    Loud Radio 88.8 Trikala Listen Live Loud Radio 88.8 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Top 40
    Love Radio Athens OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Magic FM Chania OFFLINE Greek pop music
    Melodia FM 88 Lamia OFFLINE Greek music
    Melody 98,7 FM Heraklion OFFLINE Greek Top 40
    Metropolis 95.5 Thessaloniki OFFLINE Sport, Greek/foreign music
    Music 89.2 Athens OFFLINE Top 40 and dance
    MyDeeJay Athens OFFLINE Pop
    Neo Radiofono Corfu Listen Live Neo Radiofono MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Greek Pop
    Nitro Radio Athens Windows Media Audio 128 kbps Foreign Hit Music
    Noize Radio Serres OFFLINE Top 40/Dance
    Nova Sport FM Athens OFFLINE Sport
    NRG 95 Chalkida OFFLINE Top 40
    Oasis FM Athens OFFLINE Greek pop music
    Ola FM 91,4 Thessaloniki OFFLINE Greek Top 40
    Palmos 96.5 Thessaloniki OFFLINE Greek pop music
    Parea 104 Athens OFFLINE Greek hit music
    Pepper FM Athens OFFLINE Pop/Ballads
    Pireaiki Ekklesia Athens OFFLINE Church of Piraeus
    Play 88,9 FM Athens OFFLINE Greek Rock and pop
    Pop FM Kerkira (Corfu) Listen Live Pop FM MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Greek Top 40
    Power FM Volos Listen Live Power FM MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Top 40
    Radio 1 Rhodes OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Drama 99.1 Drama OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Energy 96,6 Kavala OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Kriti 101,5 Haraklion OFFLINE Greek music
    Radio Lefkimmi Corfu OFFLINE Greek Pop
    Radio Lehovo 97.1 Florina Listen Live Radio Lehovo 97.1 MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Greek classics
    Radio Meteora Kalampaka Listen Live Radio Meteora MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Greek music
    Radio Patra Patras OFFLINE Greek music/local news
    Radio Pieria 104.2 Pieria OFFLINE Local service
    Radiokymata Thessaloniki Listen Live Radiokymata MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Greek pop music
    Real FM Athens Windows Media Audio 64 kbps News/talk/varied music
    Republic 100,3 Thessaloniki OFFLINE Top 40/Dance
    Rock FM Athens OFFLINE Rock
    Rythmos 104,5 Heraklion OFFLINE Greek Top 40
    Rythmos 99,7 Corfu Listen Live Rythmos 99,7 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Greek Pop
    Rythmos Radio Athens Windows Media Audio 96 kbps Greek Top 40
    Sentra FM Athens OFFLINE Sport
    Sfera 102,2 Athens OFFLINE Greek Top 40
    Sferikos 99.3 Feres Evros OFFLINE Greek Top 40/Local News
    Sindos FM Thessaloniki OFFLINE Greek Laika music
    Skai Radio 100,3 Athens OFFLINE News/Talk
    Sky Radio Ioannina OFFLINE Greek pop music
    Smart FM 100,7 Patras, 100.7 MHz OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Star FM 88.8 Corfu Listen Live Star FM 88.8 MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Top 40
    Stigma FM Zakynthos, 97.6 MHz OFFLINE Top 40
    Styl FM Athens Listen Live Styl FM MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Greek laika
    Super 90,4 Heraklion OFFLINE Top 40
    Thraki FM Alexandroupoli Listen Live Thraki FM MP3-mpeg 128 kbps News/music
    Toxotis FM Giannitsa, 96.3 MHz Listen Live Toxotis FM MP3-mpeg 48 kbps Greek hits
    Traffic FM Heraklion Listen Live Traffic FM MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Top 40
    Venus Radio Mykonos Listen Live Venus Radio MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Dance
    Vima FM Athens OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Viva FM Ptolemaeda OFFLINE Top 40/Dance
    Xanthi FM Xanthi OFFLINE News/talk/Greek music
    Xanthi Radio Deejay Xanthi OFFLINE Top 40
    Yes! 91.2 Patras, 91.2 MHz OFFLINE Top 40
    You FM Patras, 100.1 MHz OFFLINE Top 40
    Zoo Radio Thessaloniki OFFLINE Top 40
    Related Link: Greece TV Station
    Last checked and updated: 11/06/2024 - 15:11:34

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