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Live web-television stations and radio stations broadcasting on the Internet

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  • Alternative Radio Stations

    Last checked and updated: 11/06/2024 - 15:11:48

    Radio station Country Location Listen Live Format
    ORF FM4 Austria Vienna OFFLINE Rock/Alternative/Diverse
    Radio Proton Austria Dornbirn Listen Live Radio Proton MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Alternative/Free Radio
    Radio SoundPortal Austria Graz OFFLINE Alternative
    VRT Studio Brussel Belgium Vlaanderen, Brussels OFFLINE Top 40/Rock/Alternative
    Nes Castra Bosnia-Herzegovina Banja Luka OFFLINE Alternative/Urban culture
    Radio 1 Czech Republic Prague Listen Live Radio 1 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Alternative/Indie/Dance
    DR P6 Beat Denmark Copenhagen Listen Live DR P6 Beat MP3-mpeg 96, 192 kbps Alternative
    Bac FM France Nevers OFFLINE Alternative rock
    Fréquence Metz - Rock and British France Internet only OFFLINE Alternative rock
    OUÏ FM - Alternatif France Paris OFFLINE Alternative Rock
    Radio FMR France Toulouse OFFLINE Variety / Alternative
    Radio Néo France Paris OFFLINE Alternative/New music
    917xfm Germany Hamburg OFFLINE Indie, Alternative, Electro and Jazz
    BR Puls Germany Munich OFFLINE Alternative/Indie music
    Byte FM Germany Hamburg Listen Live Byte FM MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Alternative/Rock/Pop
    DasDing Lautstark Germany Baden Baden OFFLINE Alternative Rock
    delta radio ALTERNATIVE Germany Kiel Listen Live delta radio ALTERNATIVE aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128, 192 kbps
    FFH Digital Alternative Germany Frankfurt OFFLINE Alternative
    MDR SPUTNIK Insomnia Channel Germany Halle OFFLINE Alternative, Chillout
    NDR Blue Germany Hamburg Listen Live NDR Blue MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Alternative/Eclectic music
    Project Reloaded Germany Hannover OFFLINE Alternative
    Radio Bob! BOBs Alternative Rock Germany Kassel Listen Live Radio Bob! BOBs Alternative Rock aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128, 192 kbps
    Alternative rock
    RauteMusik #Musik.Rock Germany Internet only MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Rock, Alternative, Punk,
    Indie Rock
    Rock Antenne Alternative Germany Munich OFFLINE Alternative Rock
    Star FM Alternative Germany Berlin OFFLINE Alternative Rock
    Atlantis FM Greece Athens, 105.2 MHz OFFLINE Greek rock/alternative
    FM90 Friss Rádió Hungary Debrecen OFFLINE Alternative, Pop, Rock
    MR2-Petofi Rádió Hungary Budapest aacPlus
    96 kbps
    128 kbps
    Pop, Alternative, World
    Rádió Mi Hungary Szeged OFFLINE Alternative/Student radio
    Tilos Radio Hungary Budapest Listen Live Tilos Radio MP3-mpeg 128, 256 kbps Dance/Alternative/freeform
    Radio Citta' Aperta Italy Rome OFFLINE Freefom/Alternative
    Radio Citta' Futura Italy Rome OFFLINE Alternative
    Radio Kairos Italy Bologna OFFLINE Alternative/Variety
    Radio Sherwood Italy Padova OFFLINE Alternative/Variety
    Virgin Rock Hard Rock Italy Milan OFFLINE Alternative/hard rock
    Radio Naba Latvia Riga Listen Live Radio Naba MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Rock/Alternative - University of Latvia
    EldoRadio Alternative Luxembourg Luxembourg OFFLINE Alternative rock
    Rajdu Malta 2 Malta 105.9 MHz OFFLINE Alternative Rock, Talk shows
    Concertzender Pop Netherlands Hilversum Listen Live Concertzender Pop MP3-mpeg 160 kbps Jazz, Folk, Alternative
    NPO 3FM Alternative Netherlands Hilversum Listen Live NPO 3FM Alternative aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128 kbps
    Alternative music
    Pinguin Radio Netherlands Hilversum OFFLINE Alternative/Indie Rock
    Eska Rock Alternative Poland Warsaw OFFLINE Alternative
    Eska Rock Xtreme Poland Warsaw OFFLINE Alternative rock
    Off Radio Kraków Poland Kraków Listen Live Off Radio Kraków MP3-mpeg 160 kbps Alternative
    Radio Afera Poland Poznan OFFLINE Rock/Alternative
    Poznan University of
    RMF Alternatywa Poland Kraków OFFLINE Alternative
    Roxy Alternative Poland Internet only OFFLINE Alternative rock
    Radio Dada Romania Vrancea, Focsani, 106.6 MHz OFFLINE Alternative, Progressive
    TANANANA Romania Ilfov, Bucuresti, 92.7 MHz aacPlus 48 kbps Alternative Adult Contemporary music & entertainment
    Love Radio Alternative Russia Moscow Flash 96 kbps Alternative rock
    NRJ Rock Russia Internet only OFFLINE Modern/alternative rock
    NRJ Russian Dance Russia Internet only OFFLINE Modern/alternative rock
    Urban FM 103,5 Serbia Kosovo, Priština OFFLINE Urban/Alternative
    Rádio _FM Slovakia Bratislava Listen Live Rádio _FM MP3-mpeg 32, 128, 256 kbps Pop/Rock/Alternative
    bi fm Spain Bilbao OFFLINE Alternative/Indie music
    East FM Sweden Norrköping OFFLINE RnB/Dance/Alternative
    Radio Andra Sweden Gothenburg OFFLINE Indie/Alternative music
    Radio 3fach Switzerland Deutsche Schweiz, Lucerne OFFLINE Alternative, variety
    Rouge Alternative Switzerland Suisse Romande, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne OFFLINE Alternative Rock
    Rouge Rock Switzerland Suisse Romande, Le Mont-sur-Lausanne OFFLINE Alternative Rock
    BBC 6 Music United Kingdom National OFFLINE Adult Alternative
    Nation Radio United Kingdom Cardiff OFFLINE Alternative/Indie
    Original 106 United Kingdom Aberdeen OFFLINE Adult Alternative
    Radio X 104.9 United Kingdom London Listen Live Radio X 104.9 aacPlus
    48 kbps
    128 kbps
    Alternative/New music
    Radio X 97.7 United Kingdom Manchester Listen Live Radio X 97.7 aacPlus
    48 kbps
    128 kbps
    Alternative/New music
    Last checked and updated: 11/06/2024 - 15:11:48 ;

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    aacPlus  requires Winamp 5.08+

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