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  • Italy Radio Stations

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    Last checked and updated: 14/07/2024 - 00:09:11

    Radio station Location Listen Live Format/Comments
    105 Crazy Radio Milan OFFLINE Comedy and music
    105 Hip Hop/R&B Milan OFFLINE HipHop/RnB
    105 Hits Milan OFFLINE Non-stop hits
    105 House Milan OFFLINE House
    105 Latino Milan OFFLINE Latin hits
    105 Miami Milan OFFLINE House/Dance/Rap
    105 Music Star: Vasco Milan OFFLINE Vasco songs and trivia
    105 Story Milan OFFLINE Pop
    105 Zoo Radio Milan OFFLINE Top 40/Comedy
    Antenna 2 Clusone Listen Live Antenna 2 aacPlus
    48 kbps
    128 kbps
    Antenna Radio Esse Siena aacPlus 32 kbps Local service
    Antenna Uno Catania MP3-mpeg 48 kbps Dance
    Antenna1 Rome Listen Live Antenna1 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Adult Contemporary
    Bella Radio Catania Listen Live Bella Radio MP3-mpeg 48 kbps Local service
    Centro Suono Sport Rome OFFLINE Sport/music
    Ciao Radio Bologna Flash 96 kbps Music/news
    CiaoComo Radio Como OFFLINE Local service
    Ciccio Riccio Brindisi OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Controradio Florence Listen Live Controradio MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Music/culture/local news
    Country Power Station Internet only Listen Live Country Power Station MP3-mpeg 64 kbps US Country music
    DeeGay Classics Internet only OFFLINE Pop/Classics
    DeeGay Radio Internet only OFFLINE Pop/Dance
    Delta Radio Porto Tolle OFFLINE News/information/music
    Die Antenne Lana (Südtirol) OFFLINE Hot Adult Contemporary
    (German service)
    Dolce Suby Rome OFFLINE Italian classics
    Easy Network Padova OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    ElleRadio Rome OFFLINE News/information/music
    FM Classic Siracusa OFFLINE Oldies
    FM Italia Siracusa OFFLINE Pop
    Gamma Radio Pavia Pavia OFFLINE Oldies
    Gamma Radio Ponsacco OFFLINE Oldies
    Gammagioiosa GoldenHits Gioiosa Jonica aacPlus 48 kbps Oldies
    Gammagioiosa Lovesongs Gioiosa Jonica aacPlus 80 kbps Love songs
    Golden Hit Radio Internet only OFFLINE Top 40
    Golden Radio Italia Internet only OFFLINE 80s music
    Italia Radio Salemi aacPlus 48 kbps Italian music
    Kiss Kiss History Hits Naples OFFLINE Classic hits
    Latte Miele Ascoli aacPlus 64 kbps Italian music
    Lazio Style Radio Rome OFFLINE Sport
    LifeGate Radio Rome OFFLINE Non-commercial rock /
    Environmental awareness
    Love FM Bari OFFLINE Adult contemporary
    m2o Rome OFFLINE Dance (national network)
    Magic Music Radio Gioiosa Jonica Listen Live Magic Music Radio MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Pop/rock
    MultiRadio Tolentino OFFLINE Top 40
    NBC - Rete Regione Bolzano Listen Live NBC - Rete Regione MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Pop/News
    Onda Libera Rome Listen Live Onda Libera MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Pop
    Primaradio Cosenza Cosenza OFFLINE Top 40
    Primaradio Napoli Naples Listen Live Primaradio Napoli MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Top 40
    Primaradio Piemonte Asti OFFLINE Pop/Dance/Information
    Primaradio Sicilia Palermo OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Queen Hit Radio Lecce OFFLINE Top 40
    R101 Milan OFFLINE Hot Adult Contemporary
    (National commercial network)
    Radio 105 Classics Milan OFFLINE 70s/80s classics
    Radio 105 FM Milan OFFLINE Top 40
    (National commercial network)
    Radio 2000 Bruneck (Südtirol) OFFLINE Schlager
    Radio 24 Milan aacPlus 48 kbps News
    Radio 3 Network Poggibonsi OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio 80 Novento Padovana Listen Live Radio 80 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps 70s/80s/Disco
    Radio Adige Verona OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Alcamo Centrale Alcamo OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Aldebaran Chiavari OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Alfa Teggiano Listen Live Radio Alfa MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Top 40
    Radio Amore Campania Naples Listen Live Radio Amore Campania MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Adult Contemporary
    Radio Antenna Uno Turin Listen Live Radio Antenna Uno MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Latin American music
    Radio Antenne Erreci Cisterna di Latina OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Antenne Forte Castelforte OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Azurra Ravanusa OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Base Mestre OFFLINE Pop/Rock/DJ mixes
    Radio BCS Venice OFFLINE Top 40 hits
    Radio Bella e Monella Castelfranco OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Bellissima Catania OFFLINE Top 40 hits
    Radio Belluno Belluno aacPlus 64 kbps Local service
    Radio Bergamo Bergamo OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Birikina Castelfranco aacPlus 48 kbps Oldies
    Radio Blu Toscana Prato OFFLINE Music/Sport/information
    Radio Bruno Bologna OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Budrio Budrio OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Bussola 24 Salerno OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Cafè Padua OFFLINE Oldies/Easy Listening
    Radio Capital Rome OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Capri Capri OFFLINE Top 40/House
    Radio Catania Catania OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Centrale Cesena Cesena Listen Live Radio Centrale Cesena MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Top 40
    Radio Centro Suono Rome Listen Live Radio Centro Suono MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Top 40/RnB/Dance
    Radio Centro95 Turin OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Citta' Aperta Rome OFFLINE Freefom/Alternative
    Radio Citta' Futura Rome OFFLINE Alternative
    Radio Città del Capo Bologna OFFLINE Information/music
    Radio CL1 Caltanissetta OFFLINE Music/News/Sport
    Radio Classica Bresciana Brescia OFFLINE Classical music
    Radio Club 103 Belluno OFFLINE News/Talk/Pop music
    Radio Club 91 Naples OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Club Network Cagliari OFFLINE Top 40/Oldies
    Radio Color Villa D'Agri Listen Live Radio Color MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Local service
    Radio Company Novento Padovana Listen Live Radio Company MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Top 40
    Radio Cortina Cortina d'Ampezzo OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Cuore Ponsacco OFFLINE Italian love songs
    Radio Cusano Campus Rome OFFLINE Information/music
    Radio Deejay Milan OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Dimensione Musica Ispica OFFLINE Top 40/Local service
    Radio Dimensione Suono (RDS) Rome OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Dolomiti Trento OFFLINE Adult Contemporary/Local news
    Radio Due.Zero Bracca OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Empire Furci Siculo OFFLINE Classic Hits
    Radio Enea Anzio OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Energy Torino OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Erre Foggia OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Evangelo Buon Seme Giarre OFFLINE Gospel
    Radio Fantastica Ponsacco OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Fiemme 104 Tesero OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Fiesole Florence OFFLINE Pop hits
    Radio Flash Catania OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Galileo Terni OFFLINE News/Pop/Rock
    Radio Gamma Gioiosa Gioiosa Jonica Listen Live Radio Gamma Gioiosa aacPlus
    32 kbps
    128 kbps
    Pop, news and culture
    Radio Gamma Savignano Sul
    Flash 96 kbps Pop/News
    Radio Gelosa Castelfranco aacPlus 48 kbps Adult Contemporary
    Radio Genius Padua OFFLINE Adult contemporary
    Radio Globo Rome OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Gold Alessandria OFFLINE Music/news
    Radio Grüne Welle Bolzano OFFLINE Christian
    Radio Holiday Bruneck (Südtirol) OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Ibiza Naples OFFLINE Dance
    Radio IES Rome OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Iglesias Iglesias OFFLINE Local service
    Radio InBlu Rome OFFLINE Information/culture
    Radio Incontro Rome OFFLINE Sport/Talk
    Radio Insieme Mercatale di Vernio OFFLINE Music/information
    Radio International Bologna OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Italia Anni 60 Trento Listen Live Radio Italia Anni 60 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Oldies
    Radio Italia Network Milan OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Italia Uno Padua OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Italia Milan Flash 96 kbps Italian pop
    (National commercial network)
    Radio Kairos Bologna OFFLINE Alternative/Variety
    Radio Kiss Kiss Italia Naples OFFLINE Italian pop
    Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli Naples OFFLINE Adult Contemporary/
    local information
    Radio Kiss Kiss Naples aacPlus 64 kbps Top 40
    Radio Kolbe Schio OFFLINE
    Radio Lady Empoli aacPlus 64 kbps Adult Contemporary
    Radio LatteMiele Milan OFFLINE Italian Adult Contemporary
    Radio Lina Cagliari OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Linea No.1 Ancona OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Lodi Lodi OFFLINE Local service
    Radio L'Olgiata Rome Windows Media Audio 20 kbps Italian Pop Favorites
    Radio Lombardia Milan OFFLINE Top 40/Information
    Radio Mambo Rome OFFLINE Latin music
    Radio Manà Manà Sport Rome OFFLINE Sport/music
    Radio Mania Velletri aacPlus 64 kbps Local service
    Radio Marconi 2 Milan OFFLINE Classical music
    Radio Marconi Milan OFFLINE Music and news
    Radio Margherita Giovane Palermo OFFLINE Italian pop music
    Radio Margherita Napoli Palermo OFFLINE Italian/Neapolitan music
    Radio Margherita Network Palermo OFFLINE Italian music
    Radio Maria Südtirol Brixen OFFLINE Catholic (German)
    Radio Maria Erba OFFLINE Religious (National network)
    Radio Marilù Castelfranco aacPlus 48 kbps Oldies/Easy Listening
    Radio Mater Erba OFFLINE Catholic
    Radio Meneghina Milan OFFLINE Variety
    Radio Messina Sud Messina OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Metro' Udine Listen Live Radio Metro' MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Pop/Disco
    Radio Milano Milan OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Millennium Milan OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Millenote Bergamo OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Montorfano Rovato OFFLINE Pop
    Radio MPA Palomonte aacPlus 32 kbps Music/information
    Radio Mugello Borgo San Lorenzo OFFLINE Music/information
    Radio Nettuno Bologna OFFLINE Adult contemporary
    Radio Norba Conversano OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Nord Bozen OFFLINE Oldies/Schlager
    Radio Nostalgia Genova OFFLINE Classic Hits
    Radio Number One Bergamo OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Nuoro Centrale Nuoro OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Nuova inBlu Macerata aacPlus 64 kbps Local service
    Radio Omega Sound Rome OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Onda 1 Internet only OFFLINE Adult Contemporary/Talk
    Radio Onda Rossa Rome Listen Live Radio Onda Rossa MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Free radio
    Radio Onyx Como Listen Live Radio Onyx MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Local service
    Radio Oreb Lisiera Listen Live Radio Oreb MP3-mpeg 64 kbps Religious
    Radio Padova Padua OFFLINE Adult contemporary
    Radio Panorama Termini Imerese OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Pianeta Cividate al Piano OFFLINE News/Talk/Pop music
    Radio Pico Classic Mirandola OFFLINE Oldies
    Radio Pico Mirandola OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Piterpan Verona aacPlus 48 kbps Pop
    Radio Planet Vicenza OFFLINE Top 40/Dance
    Radio Popolare Roma Rome OFFLINE News/information/culture
    Radio Popolare Milan OFFLINE News/information
    Radio Presenza Cervignano del Friuli OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Press Cagliari OFFLINE Information/music
    Radio Punto Nuovo Cesinali OFFLINE Pop/rock
    Radio Punto Zero Trieste Listen Live Radio Punto Zero aacPlus
    56 kbps
    128 kbps
    Top 40/Sport/News
    Radio Punto San Vittore Olona OFFLINE Pop, Italiana, News
    Radio Radicale Rome OFFLINE News
    Radio Record Santarcangelo di
    Listen Live Radio Record MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Adult contemporary / Oldies
    Radio Reporter Milan OFFLINE Music/Information
    Radio Rock Rome OFFLINE Rock
    Radio Rosa Barberino Val d'Elsa OFFLINE Information/music
    Radio Sei Rome Listen Live Radio Sei MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Sport
    Radio Selene Corato Listen Live Radio Selene MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Top 40
    Radio Serra 98 Serra San Bruno OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Sherwood Padova OFFLINE Alternative/Variety
    Radio Siena Siena OFFLINE Local service
    Radio Sintony Cagliari OFFLINE Pop/Oldies
    Radio SorRriso Castelfranco aacPlus 48 kbps Italian music
    Radio Sound Codigoro OFFLINE Top 40/Dance/Italian hits
    Radio Spazio Aperto Rome OFFLINE Talk/Sports
    Radio Splash Milazzo OFFLINE Variety
    Radio Sportiva Prato OFFLINE Sport
    Radio Star Lucca OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Stop Cecina OFFLINE Top 40/Dance
    Radio Studio 7 Macerata OFFLINE Pop/dance
    Radio Studio 95 Melito Porto Salvo OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Studio Centrale Catania OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Studio Piu' Desenzano del Garda aacPlus 40 kbps Dance
    Radio Studio Piu'2 Desenzano del Garda aacPlus 40 kbps Classic Dance
    Radio StudioStar Cannobio aacPlus 64 kbps Top 40/Dance
    Radio Subasio Assisi OFFLINE Adult contemporary
    Radio Suby Rome OFFLINE Pop Mix
    Radio System Network Copertino Listen Live Radio System Network MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Top 40
    Radio Taormina Taormina OFFLINE 70s-90s hits
    Radio Ti Ricordi Rome OFFLINE Pop Classics
    Radio Time Palermo OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Tirol Bozen Listen Live Radio Tirol MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Oldies/Schlager
    Radio Toscana Florence OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Radio Tour Potenza OFFLINE Pop
    Radio Touring Paternò Listen Live Radio Touring MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Local service
    Radio TRS Cologno Monzese OFFLINE Pop/Rock
    Radio Valbelluna Belluno Listen Live Radio Valbelluna aacPlus
    64 kbps
    128 kbps
    Local service
    Radio Valentina Soverato Listen Live Radio Valentina MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Pop
    Radio Vanessa Venice OFFLINE Variety
    Radio Venere Bovalino OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Venezia Venice OFFLINE Top 40
    Radio Verona Verona aacPlus 96 kbps Local service
    Radio Veronica One Torino aacPlus 96 kbps Top 40
    Radio Via MonteNapoleone Via MonteNapoleone OFFLINE Music, fashion, trends
    Radio Zammù Catania OFFLINE University of Catania
    Radio Zero Ravenna OFFLINE Pop/rock
    RadioCitta’Fujiko Bologna Listen Live RadioCitta’Fujiko OGG Vorbis 96 kbps Music/information
    RadioClassica Milan OFFLINE Classical
    Radiostreet Messina Messina OFFLINE AC/News & Information
    (Popolare Network)
    RAI FD4 Leggera Rome Listen Live RAI FD4 Leggera MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Jazz/Easy Listening
    RAI FD5 Auditorium Rome Listen Live RAI FD5 Auditorium MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Classical
    RAI GR Parlamento Rome Listen Live RAI GR Parlamento MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Italian Parliament
    RAI Isoradio Rome Listen Live RAI Isoradio MP3-mpeg 96 kbps News/Information/Traffic news
    RAI Italia Rome Listen Live RAI Italia MP3-mpeg 96 kbps International service
    RAI Radiodue Rome Listen Live RAI Radiodue MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Adult Contemporary
    RAI Radiotre Rome Listen Live RAI Radiotre MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Classical/Culture
    RAI Radiouno Rome Listen Live RAI Radiouno MP3-mpeg 96 kbps News/information
    RAI Sender Bozen Bolzano Listen Live RAI Sender Bozen MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Regional service (German/Ladin)
    RAI WebRadio 6 Rome Listen Live RAI WebRadio 6 MP3-mpeg 96 kbps History
    RAI WebRadio 7 Rome Listen Live RAI WebRadio 7 MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Rock/pop
    RAI WebRadio 8 Rome Listen Live RAI WebRadio 8 MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Indie music, trends
    Rete Alfa Ferrara OFFLINE Adult contemporary
    Rete Toscana Classica Florence OFFLINE Classical
    Rete Uno Network Manduria Listen Live Rete Uno Network MP3-mpeg 96 kbps Pop/Oldies
    RGS Palermo OFFLINE Top 40/News
    RMC 1 Radio Monte Carlo Milan OFFLINE Hot Adult Contemporary
    RMC 2 Milan OFFLINE Dance/chill/lounge
    RMC 80 Milan OFFLINE 80s hits
    RMC 90 Milan OFFLINE 90s hits
    RMC Duets Milan OFFLINE Duets
    RMC Great Artists Milan OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    RMC Hits Milan OFFLINE Top 40
    RMC Italia Milan OFFLINE Italian pop
    RMC Love Songs Milan OFFLINE Love songs
    RMC Marine Milan OFFLINE Pop/dance/lounge/'Sea life' info
    RMC Monte Carlo Nights Story Milan OFFLINE Pop/soul/world music
    RMC New Classics Milan OFFLINE Cover versions
    RMC Radio Bau Milan OFFLINE Animals and music
    RTL 102.5 Classic Rome OFFLINE Classic hits
    RTL 102.5 Cool Rome OFFLINE Pop
    RTL 102.5 Groove Rome OFFLINE Top 40
    RTL 102.5 Italian Style Rome OFFLINE Italian pop
    RTL 102.5 Rome OFFLINE Top 40
    Südtirol 1 Bozen/Bolzano Listen Live Südtirol 1 MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Top 40 (German)
    SoloRadio Rome OFFLINE Adult Contemporary
    Stella FM Vicenza OFFLINE Top40/Oldies/News
    Stereo Citta Padua aacPlus 48 kbps Hot Adult Contemporary
    Suby Nice Rome OFFLINE Lounge Jazz
    TeleRadioStereo Rome OFFLINE Adult Contemporary/
    Top Italia Radio Valle d'Aosta OFFLINE Local service
    TRS Radio Rome OFFLINE Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk
    Venice Classic Radio Internet only Listen Live Venice Classic Radio MP3-mpeg 128 kbps Classical music
    Veronica My Radio Pesaro OFFLINE Top 40
    Vintage Radio Rome OFFLINE Oldies
    Virgin Radio Italia Milan OFFLINE Rock hits (national network)
    Virgin Rock 70 Milan OFFLINE 70s Rock
    Virgin Rock 80 Milan OFFLINE 80s Rock
    Virgin Rock Alternative Milan OFFLINE Indie rock
    Virgin Rock Classic Milan OFFLINE Classic rock
    Virgin Rock Hard Rock Milan OFFLINE Alternative/hard rock
    Viva FM Gavardo OFFLINE Top 40
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    Last checked and updated: 14/07/2024 - 00:09:11

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